short-sale-4They are still in the process of pushing for the Tax Credit Extension until June of 2010. This will continue to assist those of you out in the market that are having a hard time finding something available that you can have accept your offer.

This market has been very difficult to say the least. Whether you are looking in the Santa Clarita Valley for Real Estate or in one of the surrounding communities – the story is the same everywhere.  There are a lot of buyers in the market and very few assets that are coming onto the market, at least of the “Foreclosure” variety.

Keeping true to form – we know that the foreclosures have not gone away – but they are looming still and are due to be released – it is the “when” that no one knows.

Here is the exciting article that was published by Inman News that has to do with the Tax Credit Extension, what it entails and the increase for the qualification amounts.

Be Safe out there and enjoy this Paris911 Resource brought to you by Inman News!