How is the Santa Clarita housing marketReal Estate is not a part time thing. For those in the business that want to achieve higher goals – we are always watching the market.

Today is our real estate radio show for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

This is our Finale Friday Broadcast where we will be speaking about the latest price changes to the local homes and real estate for sale.

This will cover the entire Santa Clarita Valley cities – including the cities of Acton and Agua Dulce.

I’m Connor MacIvor, your host with RE/MAX of Valencia and RE/MAX of Santa Clarita’s Paris911 Team of realtors.

We happen to be headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley with real estate offices in Stevenson Ranch and in Valencia.

A Quick Plug – this happens to be the longest running real estate radio show by syndication in the SCV Cities.

We started several years ago and have maintained an “almost daily” presentation related to the local real estate markets.

TIP: If you are a FSBO, For Sale by Owner seller – check this out!

Email Question of the Day:

“Do you really need a Realtor when you buy new construction?” -allison

Let me first start with this response – WIFM – This is what we were taught with the LAPD instructor home listings in Santa Clarita CA

You have to provide the audience something that gives them insight as to the “why”. The Why to pay attention, the Why to do the work, the Why to represent clients at new housing.

First – We get paid by the new home builder.  Our being paid does not change the game with reference to what you would be able to obtain without our presence and us as your personal representatives(on your side not the side of the builder).

This is an important statement because some think, “If the builder has to pay my agent, why don’t I go it alone and get more in money back, upgrades and discounts?”

Does not work that way, the builders have already built a “outside representatives” commission into each new home being sold.

Why – The builders why is the fact we, the top producing realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley, have a database including a ton of past buyers and can bring them(new home builders), business in the way of New Home Buyers.

The Local Agents also have connections with Relocation. Such as our RE/MAX Relocation System, our affiliation with the LAPD and Sheriff’s Unions and with the Credit Unions in Southern California.

When people want to buy new homes they call us first to get them set up with a tour of the new home developments and new home construction sites.

Benefits for the Buyer – A second set of eyes on the process. Someone that speaks the same “lingo” as the new home agent. One to run interference and to do their best to get additional discounts, upgrades and builder options added to the deal.

Another Example: If you are on a waiting list, we are routinely called by the new home agent to inform us that they have a “deal” on a home like the one our clients wanted, that is “teetering…”. If it falls, we are able to put our buyers into play!

Plus – We have the NHBB – The New Home Buyer Benefit!

Price Changes – Friday Finale

Here is where the rubber meets the road with our Friday Finale Broadcast. We want to explain where the market is and what you can expect in the coming months.

Today – interest rates are ultra low – lowering even further this week. This is something that most “predictors” said was not going to happen. They all had been betting that interest rates were going to steadily rise through the first quarter in 2015.  So far so good 🙂

During the past 7 days, with regard to Santa Clarita real estate activity, we have been monitoring the following changes:

  • We have had 86 new listings added to the local Real Estate Inventory
  • 56 homes have had their prices changed within the past 7 days (more about this below)
  • 23 homes had escrow cancelled and they are back on the market for sale
  • 64 homes had entered the back up status (
  • 4 homes expired and did not sell within the contractual time frames
  • 55 homes entered the “pending status” (
  • and 44 homes sold, closing escrow with new owners!

The price changes – Are prices going up or down?

With regard to the 56 homes that had their prices changed during the past 7 days, we see that 11 were price increases.Daily Price Changes in Santa Clarita

The other 45 were decreases in listing price to listing price.

That is not strange in the current real estate market. This is somewhat typical. Sometimes sellers price their homes too high, thinking they may be able to demand more for it than the “similarly recorded sold homes”.

Sometimes the real estate agent, in order to “get their listing”, may over promise related to the price they tell the seller they are able to obtain in the current market.

Sometimes, the buyer drive in a specific neighborhood is not present when the seller lists their home for sale.

In other words, they missed the ship for now…

The BEST ways for a seller to know their price is to interview the local Realtors and only rely on facts they are able to produce and not conjecture!

Tomorrow and our Sold Santa Clarita Saturday show

Every Saturday – we complete our Sold Saturday real estate radio show. We speak about the Santa Clarita inventory and talk about the sold homes, those prices, and any discounts or charges that those residences undertook.

When searching online for homes – make sure you are careful. Make sure you don’t give up too much of who you are.

What am I a Fan Of?  Zillow for Real Estate searches – While most of our sellers are not very “impressed” with Zillow’s Z-Estimates, they don’t mind using that system to search for homes.

And While they have been in the news a lot lately about how “updated or not updated” their listings are, they still get a Lions Share of Internet Traffic when buyers and sellers are looking for information.