Get the best in real estate market dataI know the internet is quite full of “noise”.  It seems that everywhere you turn experts abound.

I get that, the internet, while having proven to be one the best “resources” in the world, has a very low cost of admission.

In fact, anyone can publish anything for free – just look around.

Back in the day when we first started real estate – the advertising costs were astounding. If you remember those “real estate publications?” – they were as thick as a Vogue Magazine (in case you don’t know – that is pretty thick – 1″ for some issues).

Today, they are mere leaflets.  One of the reasons, besides the advent of the internet, is that consumers don’t trust them very much.

John and Jane home buyer figured out quick that the listings inside of those publications are not monitored by anyone.  A Realtor could place a listing in those books that was not for sale in order to generate leads.

Those Same consumers are starting to “get it” with regard to the real estate syndication websites presently.  Those Sites that have a huge on-line presence, that “syndicate” their listing from a lot of “free – third party websites” that Realtors Use to upload listings (real or not).

That is where the noise is coming from and why the trick to getting what you want, whether buying or selling, if finding a local Realtor that you like, that has their own on-line presence and who is not hiding behind their name tag.

Once you find that, you will get what you want, I assure you.  Just ask our clients that have written some fantastic real estate reviews about The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA

Onto the Prices and how to find them – Enjoy our Santa Clarita CA Paris911 prices Video – Be safe…  We have more Video’s on our YouTube channel for the Paris911 Team.