In the last 6 months they did….  Identified by the Brokerage Number with the Local Boards of Realtors – this is the data for Single Family Residences within the Santa Clarita valley cities.

Acton – Canyon Country – Newhall – Saugus – Stevenson Ranch – Valencia – Santa Clarita – Castaic



The “other” are the “outside of Santa Clarita Valley brokerages”, they sell a lot too, and it behoves a local real estate agent not to disrespect those “out of area” realtors.

In fact, instead of talking badly about the “out of area” realtors, the local agents should be grateful that they are willing to leave the comfort of their own neighborhoods and venture into the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

However, there are some agents that have a line in the sand when it comes to representing buyers and sellers of real estate.

That is because Experienced real estate agents know their limits.  Experienced Real Estate agents know that a persons protection and safety are more important than any commission to be earned.

If an agent is not familiar with a specific area, but tells a seller he can sell or a buyer they can represent them, the client may be in for trouble.

Example:  In the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we have several areas that have Mello Roos Taxes that are imposed on the homeowners.  These taxes, in some cases, can be as much as an additional 1.25% on top of the normal Los Angeles County Tax amounts.  It could be like paying double in property taxes.  Some of our Mello Roos can increase 2% per year until the year 2056.  That is cool if all parties are aware of this fact.

Including the real estate agent that has ventured outside of their “comfort zone” and is representing a buyer or a seller in the Santa Clarita Valley.

It could create a “super bind” when it comes to the relationship between the buyer and the “out of area” agent.  The same should be said about the seller that is listing with such a real estate agent.

FYI, a book does not exist that will catch up an out of area real estate agent with everything they need to know in order to give full disclosure to their buyer / seller.  That “learning” comes by being in a specific local market and experiencing the “real estate trials by fire”.

In addition, while we may try to paint the picture that Real Estate agents are all part of one big and happy family – we are not.  Most wouldn’t lift a finger to help another “competitor”, even if they were on fire and needed to be put out. (slight exaggeration) – However, when there is nothing to gain by the realtor being asked to help, they usually don’t help 🙁

Consider hiring local realtors only.  Ask your agent of choice or those you are interviewing, how familiar they are with the area you are wanting to conduct real estate dealings within.  Make sure you are hiring someone that is an expert in your community/city/area of interest!  You will save yourself from future heartache – for sure.