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Whether real estate has hit bottom yet or not, there is no mistake that it is a Sellers market in the Santa Clarita Valley

When some of the large media sites start to preach “trouble and dismay” my phone and email starts moving with more frequency. I can tell that one of those, “Better buy homes now” stories just hit the 5 o’clock news or was on the first page of AOL news.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the business, however, I don’t appreciate it when it was founded on something that was intentionally framed to be misleading.

With our Paris911 Team, our method is simple.  We treat our clients as we wanted to be treated when Paris and I bought our first home back in 1996.  Unfortunately, that is not how we were treated 🙁 – click here to read more about why we got into real estate representation in the first place…

The biggest question hovering around these days is, have we hit bottom?  Whether this question be a general question regarding the recession or the Santa Clarita real estate market, we have to ask does it matter?  Whether we hit bottom a couple of months ago or are going to hit it a couple of months from now, we can all agree that we have had better times and better times are in our future.  Whether we have hit bottom or not there is no mistake that it is a Sellers market when it comes to Santa Clarita real estate.

That being said, if we haven’t hit bottom then the bottom must be close.  Wouldn’t it be better to buy near the bottom than miss it entirely?  Across the Country there are markets that are on their way down, markets that have stabilized and markets that are on their way back up.  Whether the market hit bottom a couple of months ago, is at the bottom now, or will hit the bottom in a couple of months, the top of the market is far away.

It is a sellers market out there.  Property values are lower than they have been in years, interest rates are still hovering at 30 year lows and some tax incentives make buying real estate today more affordable than it has been in years.  For all we know the real estate market might be more affordable today than it will be for many years to come.

The Take Away is that we typically get much more in the way of real estate inventory hitting the market in March each year.  This year may be better than usual in that regard turning this Sellers market into a Buyers market.  My opinion is due to the Congressional extension of the debt forgiveness act.  It most likely won’t be extended again after the end of 2013 – I think some of the distressed homeowners will contact our Santa Clarita Short Sale team and make the BEST decision that suits them.