During our last real estate brodcast that is held on Saturdays, we posted up some numbers related to the Sold prices versus listing prices and Santa Clarita residential homes.

What The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia had found is that real estate listings were(are) selling for less than their listing prices.

New Santa Clarita Homes

This is not too much of a shocker when some of that “said” real estate inventory had been overpriced to begin with. But was that the case with every single real estate listing?

Fortunately or Unfortunately – No 🙂 Some of those real estate listings had been listed for sale at their Fair market Value. That being said, it was the sellers that “buckled” over the pressure of “needing to sell” and not want to “wait around” for the “right buyer”.

Most real estate sellers don't want to “give away their homes”. They want to make sure they are pricing their real estate accordingly.

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One of the things that our real estate sellers find helpful, and those that we have served in the past that are not wanting to sell at this time, is our Home Value Monitoring system.

These reports are directly from the local Boards of Realtors. They use the actual Mutliple listing service real estate data and can be found at the Paris911 real estate additional resource: Monitor Your Santa Clarita Valley Home's Value

Here is a link to the Paris911 Market Update REMAX of Valencia Report

You will see that we had compiled the latest real estate reports for your viewing pleasure. Our real estate and housing market report update will make it so that you can gather the intel you need.