Did you know that Counrtywide Bank was acquired by Bank of America?  This happened some time ago, back in 2008 – I have posted one of the articles about the buyout by Bank Of America of Countrywide.

A picture of a foreclosure sign with a home behind it.

When Bank of America bought Countrywide I am sure they knew what they were doing.  They happened to have purchased a lot of homes that wereheaded for Short Sales, Short Pays and Foreclosures.

Bank of America has a Short Sale Department that we have connections with via one of our Vendors.  It helps, but does not make any of the Short Sales much easier.

I would be curious to know how many loans have been defaulted on that were Countrywide Originated.  I would also love to know the numbers as they relate to which types of loans were the most prevalent sold by Countrywide to the home buying public.

If you have those numbers feel free to comment below so we can all have a look.  We can compare they with the other Major 4 Banks and if the “loan” was to blame or something different.

If you have an agent, stay loyal.  If you are considering a short sale make sure you know whom you are hiring.  Remember, there is nothing wrong with working out of your garage or home office.  The “metal” of the agent you hire is within themselves – Second within their Company affiliation.

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