Cooking Classes in the Santa Clarita Valley?

Santa Clarita Classes for cookingHave you ever wondered how you could refine your cooking abilities?  I know Paris has and someday I will get here to take a class with me.

Today, we have fallen short with regard to “cooking classes” in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We have  lots of interest – but the last Chef that was offering these to The followers of the Santa Clarita Business Blog, has resigned from their “Teaching Cooking in the SCV”.

Signing up for Cooking Classes in the SCV

Please let me know if you are interested in providing this valuable service to the Residents of the Santa Clarita Valley.  It would help if you have a “location” for the teaching to take place.  If you don’t I am sure I can strike a deal with one of the local restaurants to provide the space during “off hours”.

What do you want to learn?

Maybe we could start with something simple like the “different cooking styles” – then enter into how to prepare “sauces”.  I know we would have a large amount in attendance.

Who wins?

This will be a win-win for the chef and the Local Restaurant – not to mention those that are interested in taking the classes!

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