Why would you want to consider new construction and new home sites when relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere in Southern California?

What would be the advantage of this as your “Relocation Plan”?How to buy a new home

There are several reasons that have been expressed by our past Santa Clarita relocation clientele.  One of the most pronounced is that the new home builders are not caught up in the same “pricing games”. Typically, they have price points set on their homes.  You get a list of what the housing comes with.  You also are made aware of all the functionality points of the home.  There is also a typical 10 year warranty on all parts of the home.  There is a one year “fix and adjustment” guarantee, where the builder will send out a representative out for any “in home” issues.

Our Relocation Clientele love New Construction and New Housing centers.

However, they would never go it alone, without myself or one of the members of my team to represent them and guide them through the new home buying process.

Here are a few items which we have been influential with in the past when being able to be the chosen representative on our Clients when it comes to new housing.

  • Further Reduction of the Homes Sale price – by speaking the same “lingo” as the representative that is on the builders side.
  • Extra Upgrades, some in excess of 50K!!! – sometimes, these goals are not achieved with the first visit with our clients, most take time, but we and they are well worth it.  Upgraded wood flooring, granite counter tops, wainscoting, Berber, Travertine, bonus rooms, extra balconies, and other items have been granted due to our representation at the new home site!
  • Closing Costs Covered with extra credit – usually the closing cost allotment is when our clients sign on with the Builders Lender. There may be some advantages to this.  However, we have been able to get closing costs for our clients when they wanted to continue with their very own lender because their lenders “interest rate” was better.
  • All Disclosure Protection – Let’s say there are “mello roos” with a new housing development, they may not explain to the penny how much they are.  They also may not cover how much they can increase.  We Do – We hate Surprises and our REMAX Relocation clients do as well!!!

These are just a few items that we have been able to negotiate at the new housing centers in our Santa Clarita Valley and Elsewhere in Southern California.

Be Safe and get Good Representation before embarking on your Relocation Journey.