There has been so many that have shown their “real selves” on social media. Others in the real estate profession seem to miss the point of being on social media channels. It’s not to continually sell something, which tends to numb the mind of the viewer toward it, hence my strategy.

When someone says that everyone is going that way, I think about going the other way. To which I know they are wrong? “Yes, that’s what I’m saying.”

GlenGarry Glen Ross – classic movie, the quote was an attempt – but Al Pacino did it much better, for sure.

I hear from those who are buying homes where they are looking. The generational curve exists, I will attest to that. I see the newer ones on this planet interacting with technology better than trusting the first results or getting tricked into using the sponsored results.

They know where to get to the actual local realtor’s website. When they do, they find at the forefront and they find me who is always wanting to write about the real estate market, every way including Sunday.

I have found that social media distracts from my own real estate brands, “Connor with honor”, placement. I want my own property to be held first.

The same as every seller’s property, I want to advertise and market it in the most effective way possible. Only to Build up, not to take away from.

If there are any accounts still open, I’m sorry – they are lost in the world – besides my YouTube channel, where I try to do all I can there, “Hey, what can I say I like the gmail thingy also 🙂 “. Connor with Honor on YouTube.

To the non assumptive world, you can see that my Brokerage still markets their listings in the realm of social media. I retarget all the attention on your home and getting it sold for top dollar and by the best possible terms.

Here are a few where connor with honor on social media are no more.

Connor with Honor on Instagram or also known as the SantaClaritaRealtor and FatToFitRealEstate.

I was on and had the handles of connorwithhonor on tiktok, and fattofitagent on tiktok, I was also something probably related to SantaClaritaRealEstate on social media – but as I stated, it’s been a while.

LinkedIn – I know, but that is a rabbit hole that I didn’t need. So I X’d it and X as well. Nice build up yes. Those names would have been Connor MacIvor, Connor T. MacIvor, Connor MacIVOR, and connor with honor.

Facebook – or maybe fakebook? If I see another real estate agent bragging about his latest RV purchase or quantum car buy – I’m going to get angry and cuss, maybe while shaking my fist into the air! I pulled out quite a long time ago, and I did so before that when I was still attempting to get up after my LTR came to a close.

IF you get that, we are on the same page, reach out and I have kept my phone number the same as it has been always. BE well and thanks for finding me here, not on social media.