Santa Clarita Realtor ReviewsWe have known some great people while we have been in the real estate business.

Our start was in 1998. Since that time we have worked at several real estate companies and made our “main switch” back in 2000 when we joined REMAX of Valencia.

We are with REMAX of Valencia CA and REMAX of Santa Clarita today and are here for a reason. I believe it’s the best place for our clients to get the service, protection and security they want from a Realtor.

I went the LAPD route when I wanted to be a cop for similar reasons. I’m glad that I did and today, I can brag to our clients, friends and family which brokerage I chose and “Nobody sells more real estate than REMAX!”

A wonderful couple, a good friend of mine, and a fantastic Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal chose to write the following review of Paris and I.  As with every single review I receive, the good and the bad, I’m honored.

Thanks Tim and here is to you and your beautiful family!

Review of Santa Clarita real estate agents:

Paris and Connor just helped us close on a home in 26 days! We weren’t sure if we should purchase a home as the home prices just kept going up. We waited another few months and sure enough, the prices just kept creeping up.

We finally said it was time to buy and gave Connor our criteria.  Connor was able to drill down the exact area and home we were looking for in just 3 days by searching all listings, not just the new ones and was able to find us a house that had been on the market for almost 6 months.

Connor told us that the home was on the market for so long because it had been over priced and went stale and that most agents won’t show their buyers older listings or over priced listings because they are a waste of their time. But not Connor.

He suggested we write an offer on the property and that he and Paris would talk to the listing agent to see if they could talk some sense into the sellers.

The end result is that Connor and Paris made this deal work by speaking to the listing agent.  I really believe we got this house because of the reputation of Connor and Paris have in Santa Clarita.

Had we chose some new agent or out of area agent, I don’t think we would be living in our home right now.

And did I tell you they got us in in 26 days won a VA loan?  Near impossible.