How is your real estate hanging in there?

While the market, in most areas, seems to be recovering, how can you find out just how much your home’s value actually “recovered”?

We have systems in place for those that live within the Santa Clarita Valley and are glad to share them with you.

Sellers want to know what their homes are worth.

They want to know because they could be contemplating selling or having their home refinanced.

Maybe they are looking to take out some money to pay off bills or do home improvements.

Those are the reasons why the Santa Clarita real estate homeowner wants to find out what their home is worth at today’s market value.

Resource Valuation: Find out what your Santa Clarita Valley home is worth

Within this Slideshare presentation, we have included a lot of real estate data showing the past two years – closing the report out with September 2014.

The report shows several instances of real estate housing market variables:

  • Santa Clarita valley median sold price by month
  • Median for Sale versus Median Sold in the SCV Cities
  • Numbers of Sold “closed escrow” properties by month for the past 2 years
  • Homes that are under contract for the past two years
  • New properties listed (not new in year built – new in resale listings)

Plus several other market dynamic graphs that give a better idea about what is happening in the local Santa Clarita real estate markets.

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