We do this quite well.  We get calls on a weekly basis about folks wanting to move out to Southern California.  Some of which are Law Enforcement hopefuls that are dead set on obtaining a job with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department or the Los Angeles Police Department.  I cannot pull any strings for you – you will need to go through the process on your own merit and standing.

But when they are secure enough in the process and know that they are going to be hired – then we find that they find us on the World Wide Web.  After they call, we meet them at the Airport occasionally.  Most of the time they are choosing the Rental Car option.  When they get settled they call RE/MAX’s Paris911 Team in Valencia CA.

We sit them down and like other Clients of ours – We explain our background and mission to assist them with their Relocation Needs.  We find out which academy that they have been assigned to primarily.  We have already established where they are in the hiring process with the LAPD or LASD.  We have them speak to a Money Person to determine their afford-ability rate and move out.

Safety with everyone is our primary concern.  After my 17 years with the LAPD – I signed up to be a Full Reserve Officer with the LAPD.  Safety and protection of our clients are mine and Paris’ first concern. 

Suggestions during the beginning of escrow: 

  • Door knock the neighbors homes to see whom you will be living next to for the 4.7 year average. (between buying and moving up)
  • Find the “Chatty Kathy” of the neighborhood and get the scoop.
  • Check out the “Megans Law” web site.
  • Contact local law enforcement to find out if the home you are purchasing is part of any “special location” blip on their radar.
  • For that matter – have them run the neighborhood to see if there are any problem locations.
  • Return back to the “proposed” home on a Friday and Saturday night, get some munchies and sit in your car near the location with your snacks and the windows down – Listen, observe and listen some more.

If after the above investigations have been fulfilled and you are satisfied, then we can continue to move forward.  If you find out something about the neighbors or neighborhood that you are not willing to live with,  we will move on to another home in another neighborhood! – Just like that.

Why The Paris911 Team at RE/MAX?  We have proven ourselves in the trenches with Southern California Law Enforcement Officials – We continue to be blessed with being the LAPD, LASD, and CHP’s primary source for Real Estate Representation – The Private Sector has caught on and we are built upon a Relational Business Model.  Have a look at Active Rain – Where we are Number 1 agents!!!