Canyon Country real estate by zip codeCanyon Country real estate update for zip code 91351 has been updated as far as median purchase prices and their postings on the page below the photo.  The Pricing Chart is interactive and will render the median sales prices for the Zip Code of 91351 in the City of Canyon Country CA.

The Santa Clarita Valley has been in a bit of a slump since the Big Sub primer fell at the hands of the “greedy”.  Now as far as “greedy” goes – you can put whomever you want into that category.  But doesn’t Greed Hurt a lot of things in life?

After the current decline, and I imagine that we are not finished yet – we will have a leveling off period for real estate sales prices.

Each year, for the past 4 years, we have heard the following statement about the Santa Clarita real estate market. “Oh boy, next year is going to be worse for us real estate agents…”  I have not seen it, of course it’s five times the work, but when you come from the “public sector” getting rated on everything you do and say – with performance evaluations, working for yourself can be a game changer.

I bought the “public sector” hours with me when entering Real Estate in a full time capacity.

Here are few other Canyon Country real estate related options that you may find feasible.