Have you been watching the local Santa Clarita elections?  What about all of the “crap slinging”?  We have offered to speak with any of the candidates on our Radio Show via Blog Talk Radio, but nothing as of yet.

I will tell you that my “in box” has been found by many an electorate and those are not limited to the Santa Clarita Valley 🙁 

I know, we are not Big Time, but we are fun and our backgrounds make for interesting conversation.

Tune in this Wednesday at 12:30pm.  During this time,  you can call in to listen at (805) 727-7098.

After the show’s conclude – check them out at our Santa Clarita Business blog.

We will talk about the Santa Clarita Valley. The happenings.  The businesses.  The cops.  The firemen.  The Teachers.  The Deputies and the Civilians.  Anyone that Calls the SCV their home.

We also talk about things that are not on the worn and “beaten” path. Sushi, Tofu, SEO and Internet Optimization.  Where did you buy your last car and how were you treated?  When was the last time you were told you gave someone a “life changing” moment?  Thinking back – What has been your BEST “Level 10 Day” to this point in your life?

If you want to call in during our show – between 12:30pm and 1:15pm – depending on the call volume, we would be happy to hear from you. (call in instructions below)

If you have questions about real estate, bad agents, good agents, or the agents that you wish you had never tied up with, we will be your shoulder to cry on.
Keep it clean, I want a fair fight and don’t forget to use mouthwash and only to floss the teeth you want to keep 🙂
The show is not pre recorded and live during Wednesdays between 12:30pm and 1:15pm. Call into (805) 727-7098.

Also, if you are a more tech type person – have a look at the chat room during the show times – Mondays from 12:30pm and 1:15pm… ​ To Get to the chat room – go to Paris911.com and type in the words — Radio Chat — into the MacBoX.​