REMAX of Santa Clarita Phone NumberWe get asked a lot how “reachable” we are when it comes to questions, requests, and client needs concerning our Santa Clarita REMAX Business.

“We are very reachable”, I comment. We are available in person, on the phone, via text or sms messaging and with email.

I have not learned the “only return calls between certain times” thing. You may have heard this type of voice mail response when calling real estate agents.

“Thanks for calling, you have reached John Smith Realtor with REMAX of __________, I will be returning calls between the hours of 12p and 1p and again between 5 and 6pm. During the other hours I am searching for buyers for my sellers and sellers for my buyers. I’ll talk with you soon…”

That came out of some real estate coaching program and is nothing I want to be a part of.

When my phone rings, unless I’m with clients, I pick it up!  When I get a text, even if I’m tied up with my real estate business, I text back saying I’ll be getting back to you soon.

Technology has made a person’s expectation much more immediate than in the past.

I was born in 1969. I remember when growing up we had to wait until be got home to make a phone call. Also, what ever happened to payphones 🙂

In fact, when I was a youth, we seemed to be the last family on the block to get an answering machine.  Around that time the phone company made the push button dialing phones much more “main stream”. Then call waiting came about where you’d hear the beeping in the background.

When that tone came in, depending on how important the current call was, you’d hit the hang up lever to switch to the call coming in, while placing the current phone call on hold.

Today, It’s not unusual for me to get hit up on linkedin or facebook with a request for comparables, equity amounts and buyer representation. I have to be plugged in or face the fact I will be leaving business on the table for another to pick up.

The Final Word is yes, I pick up the phone. I call back and I return text messages and emails quickly.

BTW – what about my hours of operation at REMAX of Santa Clarita – Valencia. If I’m not sleeping, I’m returning calls and working hard for clients.

Vacation? What is that? 🙂

I have not been unplugged and off the grid since 1998.

Be safe – talk soon and let me know how I may serve and protect your real estate needs.