pI am playing with a new service that I have discovered on the WWW.nbsp; I have used Word and other blogging preparation platforms ndash; but this is something that I think I am going to like.nbsp; /p
pIf you are an active blogger ndash; then you know the frustration when you are typing away and finding new connections with relation to your mind and the written word.nbsp; Some really brilliant stuff oozes out sometimes.nbsp; But when you are ready to upload a picture or enable the spell checking ndash; then something happens where you cannot save the post nor can you save anything you have written./p
pThat is probably the worst thing in the world ndash; I have written hundreds of blog posts ndash; and I think it would probably be in the thousands if I had been able to send everything that I had written./p
pBut even going to the plate knowing what might happen, I still fail to save information or cut and paste the text before moving on./p
pThis might just fix that issue./p
pThis is the premier post for BlogJet and I have signed up each of my Kinetic Knowledge Blogs ndash; So this is the mother of all of our blogs and it seems to be working well./p
pI will keep you posted on the progress and I am sure you will see what I continue to be active in the Real Estate Blogging Community!!!/p
pa href=http://paris911.comimg alt=[Utterli] http://fon.gs/sjudnk iPhone friendly blog platforms for Remax: Thank you kinetic knowledge for getting on my src=http://static.flickr.com/3248/3138749459_e7b94f9469_m.jpg border=0 //a/p