Can You Avoid Foreclosure with a Hard Money Loan?.

Nothing more relevant than to post this article on a Short Sale Web Blog.

We have quite a few clients that after they speak with a Bankruptcy attorney, decide that doing a short sale will only harm them further.  That is why are are not to quick on the trigger to get that listing contract out and to get our potential Clients to sign on the dotted line.

“We want the best for our clients – we are in this for the long haul and not trying to make a quick buck by giving bad advice or by not having our clients do their due diligence in respect to areas that are not familiar with.” –Connor

Mistakes have been made, people have been let down, but we are about fixing problems.  If you have been misled – let us get you the best information that is backed by fact.

Hard Money Loans have also been referred to as “Loan Sharking”. During the days of the Sub Prime lending – these could have been good investments to those that are wanting 12 to 18% returns on their money by lending in a second or third position with regard to a person’s mortgage.

But those times are definitely over, when the housing prices are continuing to fall and we are questioning the stability of the Commercial Real Estate Market in the coming months.  There is a lot of guessing going on – just be safe and get good advice.