Find out what your home is worthThe current Santa Clarita real estate and housing market are not without their own fair share of drama.

Today’s drama comes in the way of the sellers wanting to sell some of the listings at more than the appraisers agree they are worth, this creates “drama” between the real estate buyers that have paid for an appraisal.

During the home buying process, there are a couple of items you cannot have refunded(without a pass), if you decide to cancel the real estate transaction.

Home Inspection Fee and the Appraiser’s fee.

Sometimes the Lender may show you favor by giving you credit towards another if the property does not appraise. However, you need to negotiate this up front.

Or, if your real estate agent made the introduction to their lender, and you are using them, maybe your real estate agent has some “credit” to have the lender extend to you a “pass”, an additional appraisal?

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It does not hurt to ask.

Low Appraisal Options

You have options if the appraisal fails to come in at value. You can cancel the deal. You can come up with the difference. The seller can reduce their price. You and the seller can negotiate the difference.

Four options and each needs to be thought about carefully.

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