Everything seems to get harder when people are attempting to keep the “man behind the curtain”.  Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures are posted for your viewing on the internet.  It just comes down to finding a source that you can trust. A source that is tied to a Local Board of Realtors, so the data in which you are viewing, listening to and feeling about, is accurate and not a “lead generation” system.


Here is a picture of one of the tabs we have installed on our Real Estate Search Engine for Southern California.  You can choose from the fields that have to do with the two different kinds of Foreclosures and Bank Owned homes. A foreclosure, is a home that has completed the “legal” process of Foreclosure.  It might have been owned by a Bank.  It could have been owned by several different people, an investment company, several banks, or a private party that had to hire a law firm to get their property back via the Foreclosure Mechanism.

Pre-Foreclosures are properties that are headed in the Foreclosure Direction.  Payments have been missed.  It could also be that a Notice of Default has been filed on the Home in Question.  If that latter is the case – then the clock is ticking.  You are mostly going to see these homes listed as Short Sales, because if the Short Sale does not work out – the next step is “Foreclosure”.

You can search for Both Property types or none at all – it is up to you.  The Fact of the matter has to do with you having the option to do it your way!  Real Estate should not be about the “man behind the curtain”.  It should be about you, “the client”.