I give credit when it is due.  I have just finished a very informative article about some of the nuances with Short Selling Real Estate.  It has more of an investment focus.  But,

Short sale real estate in Santa Clarita

Don't get locked down with your Short Sale

 investors or not, it has some informative Short Sale facts that you will find of Great Use.

Watch our for yourselves.  No one, except an attorney, should be handing out legal advice.  No one but a CPA or Tax Attorney should be giving you TAX advice.  Especially when it comes to the decision of whether or not you should Short Sale your home.

We offer these services to our clients.  We want you to get the best information before stepping into a Short Sale.

Your Qualified Short Sale Realtor should have your Bottom Line in their focus.  Not the commission they are going to earn.  I have written before that over 50% of those that come to our team to talk about Short Selling their homes, decide it is in their best interest to have the bank or banks foreclose.

You know what – When the dust settles 4 years from this market, you don’t want to be one of those that were given bad advice.