Local Santa Clarita Business Groups fail

This post came out of a phone call I received this last Thursday.  A new arrival to the Santa Clarita Valley, who is opening up a new clothing business, had been approached by several of the networking groups that operate in the SCV.

Go with your NOSE…

Apparently “Dan”, was ok with some and really bothered by others.  The “others” seemed, to “Dan”, to only be interested in when they were going to get paid and he totally smelled “BS” emitting from those “salespeople’s” chosen verbiage.

I totally get that and to have to pay first, before you experience anything, is an issue in today’s open business world.

Let me know by commenting below what you think of the local Santa Clarita Networking Groups and what your experiences have been.

What is your local Networking Group of Choice?

“Dan” is watching and would be happy to hear what you have to say as to which of the local Santa Clarita Networking groups will give him and his new local business the best traction.

What has been your Return on Investment(ROI) with your membership?  Which group seems to be the best organized?  Have you ever been strong-armed into joining any of the groups?  Did you quit the group because it did not work for you?  And why?