Having your very own representative when it comes to buying new homes and new construction residences is exceedingly important.

The agents at the new home tracts in the Santa Clarita Are Absolutely wonderful. My Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA has met many wonderful agents at the new housing tracts and have befriended a few.

Santa Clarita New Home real estate agents

The issue that can arise has to do with the fact the new home agents, that are sitting at the new home builder sites, are working “directly” for the new home builder.

This does not create any issues for some buyers and most “new home closings” come off without a hitch. However, it is nice having another set of “independent” eyes on the process and “eyes” that are only representing YOU!!!

Case and Point – We sold a new home that was said to come with a parking space. That home was going through escrow and our New Home Agent was representing a Paris911 New Build Buyer in a development in Valencia CA.

All Was wonderful – Escrow was moving along, our New Home Rep attended many meetings, choosing upgrades, finalizing paperwork, following through with escrow, etc.

As we were getting close to closing escrow, we were notified that this home did not come with a parking space, as we had been told “verbally”.

We knew better than go with “verbally” within escrow, so we had the new housing agent send us an email stating that the new home did come with a parking space, weeks before.

The new home builder told us, if we wanted a parking space, we would have to wait until the next phase of building, which was going to carry a hefty price increase.

We just waited, our clients decided to wait, because a parking space was very important to them. However, the entire time we had the “hole” card. We were holding onto the 4 aces and the jack.

After our buyers closed on the “next phase” home, at the higher price, The Paris911 Team was in place to back up the buyers which we represented and the builder made good on their misinformation.

Our clients had their principal cut down to the point it would have been with the original home and with the original sales-price.

It does pay, in other ways, to have your very own New Home Representative in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Please let us know when you are ready to move and when you want to attend one of our Paris911.com/NewHometours