What a great question. Today, Tanya called me and wanted to know why she was seeing different listings on some of those real estate websites. She was confused and wanted to know where she can find all of the listings. I told her working with a local real estate agent was the only way, if she wanted to see everything that was for sale. I heard some hesitation in her voice when she said, “I did not want to contact an agent until I’m ready…”

I totally get that, but until then, you will be missing listings that are on the market, but not on those “real estate websites” you are searching. In a lot of cases, sellers, especially the short sale variety, don’t want the world knowing their business.

Some of the Short Sales are GREAT deals and better, in some cases, than foreclosures. That being the case, missing them is like not being able to breathe.

Some, if not most, of our short sale sellers don’t want their short sale listing on the real estate websites for all of the world to see. I totally get that. Most are happy with the real estate Agents only being able to view their home being for sale, due to the Buyers coming from the Agents over 84% of the time. (real world numbers and stats).

In this way, the agents are able to show the current “on market” inventory to qualified buyers. Buyers that the agents themselves have met with, had pre qualified, and are serious about wanting to buy a home.

This totally keeps the “tire kickers” at bay. Our sellers love this fact too… BE safe, if you want to view all of the “on market” inventory, get with a local real estate professional and stop wasting your time. That is of course when you are ready…