Listing your home with an Exposed Home Realtor

Exposed home target marketing

We have been representing buyers and sellers since 1998.

There are ways that are most typically used when it comes to advertising and marketing a home for sale and those which are not.

Typical does not always mean best. It would be the lazy way out when it comes to attempting to do a real estate seller the best service.

It comes down to the specific knowledge which the consummate housing professional has and their ability to apply it with regard to the Sale of a Seller’s Home.

Preparing a Santa Clarita Home for Sale

This is an often neglected part of a real estate dealing between a Realtor and the Seller.

What types of Home Preparedness make the most sense when “preparing” to have a home Flood and become an Exposed Home in the right way?

Starting with the presentation for the Real Estate buyer is always the first best step.

What are buyers looking for in the present market when viewing real estate and homes for sale?

What buyers are looking for in the Santa Clarita Valley could be different than what buyers are looking for in Los Angeles.

What type of real estate buyer is the most prevalent in the current market in your specific neighborhood?

What types of things are they wondering about and what items does your neighborhood and home offer that will be a good fit for them?

Only the most experienced and top listing agents could possibly know these “Buyer Drive” questions.

Those who are working with Buyers and have Buyer’s Agents capable of maintaining and servicing multiple buyers at once.

The agents who understand the “buyer drive” and know what it is to Truly Market and Advertise a home with the “Exposed Home” Saturation.

We are Exposed Home Realtors with REMAX of Santa Clarita CA. We are proud to be of service. My phone number – Connor MacIvor, is located at the top of every single page of our REMAX of Santa Clarita Website.

Be safe and thanks for reading just one item that we consider when listing Santa Clarita real estate and representing SCV Sellers of homes!