I just posted up on Active Rain, a real estate post, for Acton California. I have noticed as of late, the Paris 911 team at RE/MAX of Santa Clarita, has been getting a multitude of inquiries related to the listings that we have for sale.

The callers are wanting to know if the market is going to loosen up with more foreclosures, so the seller will not be the one that is kept holding the cards.

I would say this, according to my sources there is a another volley of foreclosures that is going to come on the market. These foreclosures will more than likely be released within the next few months. The next loans that the Foreclosure market has to contend with are the adjustable rate mortgages. We have just finished the sub prime market. So these adjustable rate mortgages coupled with the negative amortization loans that have been written, are the next thing that’s going to start impacting the real estate market.

In Southern California we have been plagued by the Foreclosure and short sale market. For your information the short sales that do not sell as short sales, in the coming future, become foreclosures.

So if you’re a buyer on the prowl for distressed properties and one of those distressed properties happens to be in short sale configuration, give us a call so we can set a search that will monitor the property when it goes Foreclosure, if in fact it’s unable to sell as a short sale.

Give us a call at 800-760-6911 will be glad to help you. You can also look us up http://Paris911.com.

There you’ll find all of our resources to better serve you.

I will hyper link the active rain post that I have just placed and on that web site you’ll find a portal with all of the properties in Acton California for sale. This portal will update on a moment by moment basis and is fed by the local board of realtors.