For the last three months – April, May and June of 2014, the Santa Clarita real estate market has seen some increases in Days on Market Time Trames. This has caused sellers in our Current Real Estate market some Big Distress.

This trend has caused their Santa Clarita Homes not to sell in similar time frames only a few month earlier. Their homes were sitting on the market, not being shown, and they were starting to “reduce their listing prices” hand over fist.

We posted up on our blog our newest real estate update, besides the one that we do typically on Mondays. We call our Monday Show our Monday Market Updates.

Generally, we use our Independent Research Firm to gather the intel for each of the Cities in the Santa Clarita Valley. We mandate they pull the data direclty from the Multiple Listing Service Data.

We also require them to hold true to the data as it stands, not changing, morphing, or modifying it in any way, shape or form.

The data has to be compied in it's raw form.

Today, during our Friday Finale Broadcast for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, we observed the same “old thing”. reference to price changes occuring hand over fist. We also observed that 85ish% were reductions from the prior list prices.

There is no need to concern yourselves as a real estate seller at this point, because those “price reductions” have been regarding past to current listing prices only. They have yet to dig into the Sales Prices of homes.

Therfore, as far as the values in the SCV Cities, we are “business as usual”.

The “interesting thing” that I spoke about has to do with the ending numbers of July 2014 as compared with the last 3 months and the Days on Market Timeframes.

Talk about a change. During those three months, we observed increases. It appeared the shift, from a Sellers to a Buyers market, was underway at a rapid pace.

July of 2014 closing numbers showed an approximately a 60% reduction in Days on Market Time frames for Single Family Homes, on average, for the cities in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

The summer rush is upon us in the SCV Cities. People are active, buying homes that fit school systems they desire for their kids.

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