The Paris911 Team can help fulfill your real estate dreamsAlive and well in the Santa Clarita Valley with regard to the local housing markets.

We have just completed our Market Update Mondays with the freshest real estate data that is always obtained from the Source of Real Estate Data.  The Local Boards of realtors so there is never a mistake when it comes to the local market activity.

You can view each of our two installments with regard to the Santa Clarita real estate market updates that we have posted up on our Realtor blog for REMAX of Santa Clarita and the Paris911 Team.

We split our Santa Clarita real estate market updates into two parts:

Part one is going to cover Canyon Country thru Newhall CA.

Part two is going to be Santa Clarita thru Valencia CA.

The real estate prices are increasing in a few different Santa Clarita housing markets. We also see some downward price trends in others, and others are exhibiting flat price trends as well.

You can consider it a potpourri of real estate activity within these “non volatile” real estate times.

One of the items we cover in our Santa Clarita real estate buyer/seller crash courses on Real Estate is Pricing.

How do some of the real estate agents price their sellers real estate listings that seemingly are not anywhere close to being “sane”.

We cover topics like these for our real estate clients so they know how we best sell the real estate they own and how they can get a better than average price on the real estate they are buying.