New Home Buyer Benefit for Santa Clarita new homesNHBB – New Home Buyer Benefit

You heard it here first, we offer something that no one else that I know offers, when our clients use us to be their real estate representative at the New Home Builders and New Construction Home sites.

The NHBB comes down to more than watching out for our clients to make sure they are not taken advantage of.

It goes further than being able to review the loan and escrow paperwork along side of our clients.

Our NHBB is more than lobbying on our clients behalf to get more in builder upgrades and closing cost credits.

The NHBB is in addition to watching the internal and specific new home site to get our clients the most in discounts from those New Homes that may not make it to the finish line and close escrow.

However, to obtain our NHBB, the Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles New Home Buyer Benefit, we must go with you on your very first visit to anyone of the New Home Centers.

Very First, in person visit to the New Home Builder communities so we can register with you as your New Home Realtor of Choice.

When that happens, we then are able to be on your side 100% when it comes to the new home transaction and represent you within the fullest extent of the Real Estate Housing Rules and Fair Housing Guidelines.

Plus – of course, you will get our New Home Buyer Benefit – NHBB.

Call me for details and we will set up an in person meeting so I can fill you in with regard to exactly what the NHBB is and how it will benefit you beyond the benefits laid out on this page!