Every morning I cover my Google Reader with every Real Estate Related topic that I have subscribed to.  There are over 30 in all and some don’t write anything new or have anything Related to any Part of Real Estate – So it does not populate the Reader.

However, I liken this to the way my Dad used to sit in his arm chair early in the mornings, with his cigarette and cup of coffee, and read the morning paper.  There were a few times that his paper was not available due to extreme weather conditions – and he was fit to be tied. 

These days, I am with the cup of coffee, minus the cigarette and arm chair.  Add a laptop at my home and also my iPhone reader, and I get the information so I can not only be a Current Real Estate Topical News Expert, but so I can pass this along to our clients.

Here is an update on the $8000 dollar tax credit by CNN Money – it is on its way and will offer a “use it now” tax credit that can be used towards your down payment!

Enjoy the news and I hope to serve you and all your Real Estate needs when you are ready.  Give us a call and we will set you up with an appointment so we can brain storm your Real Estate Needs and Desires. (800)760-6911 – remax@paris911.com