How exciting is this, something I gleaned on line this am published by Inman News as they were talking about certain MLS boards publisizing new home listings in their MLS.

While, the New Santa Clarita home builders, strike gold and get new home listing entered into the local Multiple Listing Services – it is more the exception than the rule.

New Santa Clarita home tours

My team of new home agents are well versed in the “how to” and the “methods of operation” of the many new home tracts and the different new home builders.

I think the most interesting thing about the 63% statistic is the fact we see that on a local level too. When someone has a realtor – a good realtor they trust and that has their best interest at heart, it's hard to make a real estate move without them by their side.

We have also seen that our New Home Agents get information prior to it being publisized because of their relationships with the agents that represent the new home builders in the various Santa Clarita new home communities.

Case and Point. Agent L (works for me), has a buyer that needs to buy a new home at one of the Valencia new Home tracts. Agent G (works for me), was showing a new home clients of ours earlier this am and was told by the new home center agent they just had a new home fall out. Agent G happened to remember what Agent L said in our meeting this week about needing that particular new home type. The deal happened and I am elated to see our Team Advantage. Agent L: Agent G:

Real estate is still a relationship based business. That is why the business has not been able to be overcome by the various real estate syndication websites and the “web only” brokerages.

There is way too much at steak, far too much money, and too much variation from one home to another.

The local markets vary, the individual city markets vary and the various elevations vary within each neighborhood.

Be safe – search well and let us know when you are ready to approach the new housing centers.