I have attached the most recent short sale additions to the Santa Clarita Short Sale inventory.

You can see for yourselves that is happening related to the Short Sale market in the SCV and also understand that you are going to need an Short Sale Expert on your Side.

Negotiation is very important – but getting the facts to see if a Short Sale is the right fit for you is MORE IMPORTANT.  I emphasize because I have been a direct witness to callers and clients having been steered wrong as recent as 2 days ago.  The Calls are plentiful and we always conduct the “confidential and free” meeting. 

It feel’s funny to say “free”, because we don’t charge for Short Sales – The Bank pays our Fee.  We have never charged to any type of meeting or briefing at our offices, no matter what the outcome.  At least both parties leave the meetings with a better understanding of the subject matter.

“And knowing is Half the Battle”. – Gi Joe