We could have titled this article, “the 5 Traits of Top REMAX of Santa Clarita listing agents”, and would have hit on theHow to hire the best real estate agents same bullet points.

However, I thought about it and consider these five traits applying to the top real estate listing agent, not just in Santa Clarita Valley, but elsewhere in the United States.

1. Tenacious

I’m not talking about high pressure or spamming someone to death, won’t take no for an answer, type of tenacious. I’m talking about seeing something through until the job has been completed. I also am speaking about keeping in touch with those real estate clients that have had their transaction finished so they know you are available for them in the future.

2. Resolve

If a problem presents itself, they tackle it head on. Unless flanking it proves to be a better strategy. However, they don’t give up. You hire them to sell your home and they do it and don’t stop trying until it’s done!

3. Willpower

This tenet is a muscle. if someone does not exercise their will power, it gets weak and becomes lethargic. However, when a real estate agent engages in self sacrifice for the sake of a client, and keeps doing that, it becomes a habit and, as a result, makes clients happy.

4. Transparent

A very over used term describing the best of real estate agents. While it may be overused, it does hit the nail on the head as one of the 5 tenets of a top real estate listing agent. They need to be real, themselves and not one of those smoke and mirror types. They need to be upfront on all levels with their clients and the others that are involved in every transaction.

5. Honor

Something you would expect of a true gentleman. They are not going to take advantage of any situation, even if that situation may cause them to benefit, if it harms their principal. They will never leave out some “material fact” because they think it may thwart the deal. They will answer straight and will tell you they will have to find out, ” the answer to the question “, if they don’t know.

When a real estate agent implements items they will see that their business will flourish. There are enough of the real estate agents in the world that have some, but not all, to cause those that do – stand apart from the crowd.

Thanks for taking the time to read the 5 tenets of the BEST real estate listing agents.

Be safe – and let my real estate team at REMAX of Santa Clarita know when you are ready for us to step up and represent you with your real estate.