As the title of this video is – BEWARE of Short Sale Agents – it might chap a few hides. But I am not pimping our services.  What I want you to do if you have someone that is in your corner with regard to your Short Sale – stay loyal. I know they can do a great job, as good as we can, and they are a comfortable fit for you in this time of distress.

So, this does not apply to those of you that are thinking of short selling your home that have agents that represent them.

This applies to those of you that have been considering doing a short sale and what the facts are as they relate to Short Selling in the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere.

If have a governmental clearance – you might want to ask your supervisor what will happen if you have a property foreclose versus your property being short sold.  You need to get you sights aligned before you press that trigger. Talk to your accountant or CPA, talk to a Real Estate Attorney, then get into touch with your Realtor.  It is not necessary for you to do your short sale preparation in that order. We have a lot of our clients that use us as their first stop.  There might be information during our initial short sale consulatation that will cause you not to need any further investigation.

If a Short Sale is the right decision for you – then go for it with everything you can.  But if foreclosure or loan modification is a better option – explore those to the maximum of your ability.

Another thing that I hit in the video has to do with the “empty sites of the world”  ESW, there are a few.  Make sure that whom you are gleaning your facts from is a real person, with a real office at a real company.  Local is BEST – so sit down with them at their offices and get the best intel you can derive from their training and experience.