Using me as your New Home Realtor:

Contact me when you are ready for my help. Do this when you are first considering buying a new home, so I can give you want to watch out for and the best way to accomplish your goal of being a new home owner.

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New Homes – I have been representing home buyers when they want to sell a home and buy a new construction or new home in a new builder community since 1998. The times have changed, and the new home agents are getting better and more professional than ever.

However, My mission is protect my real estate buyers. And those who are using me to sell their home, which may or may not be a contingent transaction,  depending on the new home builder rules, have use a professional because there is a lot of money at risk if things go awry because of someone not paying attention.

Issues also come into play when those who are “saying” they are new home agents, or new home certified, are not equipped with the knowledge they need, only obtained by experience, so they can give their true value to their clients.

This widget will show what new home builder communities are currently available in Southern California and where I do the lions share of my real estate representation in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The better way is to give me your parameters, and I will advise you what new homes fit those and which communities have new homes to buy and those which are coming soon that fit what you are looking for.

REMEMBER, if you go without me for your first visit to the new home builder and give your name, they will not allow me to be your real estate agent and have a part of your transaction so I’m privy to all of the documents you are going to be signing for your new home purchase.

Therefore, make sure that you are with me before visiting any new home community. I’m Connor with Honor. I have been negotiating new home purchases for my home buyers and have been very successful in getting them more than what was being offered if they were to have gone it alone.

BE well – Talk soon and thanks for considering me and my value.  Call me when you are ready and I’ll take great care of you.